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PowerDirector cannot import stamped video with audio disabled

Just a note in case you get any inquiries. I am a Private Investigator and use the date stamp on my surveillance videos. I use Cyberlink PowerDirector 12 to add each video to all of the ones I have of a particular subject for a finished DVD. I had not problems making the time stamp videos when I first got the program.  I then changed the preferences to what I was looking for. I then started having some problems with the import of the date stamped videos from vATS into PD12. It would not import them. I then deleted all of the changed preference and then started putting in the preferences I wanted one by one. It appears that the date stamp videos that were created by vATS when using the disable audio checked were not being allowed to be imported into PD12. All of the other preferences that I use such as Output Video Format (AVCHD), more tolerant on non standard...., use the last time code as output file's modification time and NVIDA encoding and decoding all produce a date stamped video that is allowed to be imported by PD12.

I just thought I would let you know if you get any inquiries that it appears the finished output from the vATS program (if the disable audio is checked) from an .mts file to a date stamped .mts file does not work in Cyberlink PowerDirector 12. It appears there is a problem with PD12.


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