Download vHTS

NOTE: vHTS is for HEVC Videos, it works on Windows 10/11 .

NOTE: vHTS requires the Microsoft HEVC video codec to run. The codec is included in Windows 11 and newer versions of Windows 10. For old versions of Windows 10,  you may need to install the HEVC codec on your computer before running vHTS. You can purchase the codec at Microsoft AppStore (<= click the link) for $0.99.


Download trial version of Visual HEVC Time Stamp (vHTS):

Latest version (1.2.0): (1.5MB).

Older versions:,

How to Install vHTS:

1. Download the zip file use the links above;
2. Extract the Windows Installer file vHTS-setup.msi from the downloaded zip file to a folder;
3. Run the installer file vHTS-setup.msi, and follow the instructions on the installer dialog.

To enter purchased product key: click Help on the vHTS' Menu bar, Help->Register, then enter the product key and restart vHTS.


Use Add/Remove Programs on the Windows Control Panel, or run the same installer file (vHTS-setup.msi or vHTS-setup.exe) again.

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