Download vHTS

NOTE: vHTS is for HEVC Videos, it works on Windows 10 .

NOTE: vHTS requires the Microsoft HEVC video codec to run. You have to install the HEVC codec on your computer before running vHTS. You can purchase the codec at Microsoft AppStore (<= click the link) for $0.99.

LIMITATIONS of trial version of vHTS: A 'Trial' watermark will be in the previewed or stamped video frames.

Download trial version of Visual HEVC Time Stamp (vHTS):

Latest version (1.0.0): (1.5MB).

How to Install vHTS:

1. Download the zip file use the links above;
2. Extract the Windows Installer file vHTS-setup.msi from the downloaded zip file to a folder;
3. Run the installer file vHTS-setup.msi, and follow the instructions on the installer dialog.

To enter purchased product key: click Help on the vHTS' Menu bar, Help->Register, then enter the product key and restart vHTS.


Use Add/Remove Programs on the Windows Control Panel, or run the same installer file (vHTS-setup.msi or vHTS-setup.exe) again.

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